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Cosplay Sprites by GuruGuru214 Cosplay Sprites by GuruGuru214
Update October 2010: Added the BLU Spy. I know I already posted his sprite, but now he's on the sheet and I added my comments about it.

Update September 2011: Added Dr. Salvador

I really didn't expect to be done with this yet. In fact, I'm surprised I managed to finish it this month, the way my attention span while spriting has been lately. Anyway, this set is of all the characters I've cosplayed as so far. Technically, it's of me cosplaying as those characters, as I chose to use my sprite of myself for the base of every one of these, instead of choosing whichever of my sprites was closest.

In order:
No costume
2004 - Kakashi from Naruto
2005 - Hughes from Full Metal Alchemist and Aion from Chrono Crusade
2005 and 2006: Xehanort's Guardian from Kingdom Hearts
2006: Benitora from Samurai Deeper Kyo
2006 and 2008: Kazu from .hack
2007 and 2009: Gai from Naruto and Don Kanonji from Bleach
2008: Paper Mario
2009-2011: A generic Yu-Gi-Oh! duelist
2010 and 2011: BLU Spy from Team Fortress 2
2011: Dr. Salvador from Resident Evil 4

This is the first time I've ever used the brown-haired sprite of myself anywhere. Originally, the sprite had brown hair, but when my friends first saw it, they reminded me that my online alias was supposed to have purple hair, for some reason that they never explained to me. The sprite's had purple hair ever since.

For Kakashi, my hair wasn't nearly that big, and was slightly too horizontal. It wasn't my best effort, and most of the costume is missing now (except the vest, which I used for Gai), so I'll likely never wear it again.

Hughes is the only costume I've worn from something that I've never seen (though I didn't play Kingdom Hearts until between the first and second times I cosplayed as Xehanort's Guardian), and I'll never do that again. I now have a rule that if someone wants me to be in a group from something I haven't seen, they have to let me borrow it before I'll join.

There's a bit of a coincidence in Aion. I couldn't get his hair right for the costume or the sprite. At least the sprite's hair isn't uncomfortable and itchy, like the wig was.

Xehanort's Guardian was a catastrophe the first time I did it, with a felt mask painted the night before in the hotel room. The second attempt was much better, with a stiff mask made of Fosshape that I had my cousin paint. only problem was no peripheral vision.

I got to the convention late in 2006, so I only wore Benitora for a short while on the first day, and I'll never wear a sleeveless costume again.

Kazu is one of my favorites, even if it has a skirt. I fit the character well and the costume came out great. I've worn it to two conventions and for two Halloweens.

On the other hand, I also fit Gai surprisingly well (once I have the wig and eyebrows on), but that one's slightly embarrassing. Though there is something to be said for being able to unashamedly pelvic thrust at passers by.

The first time I wore Kanonji, I got mobbed by people wanting pictures as soon as I stepped off the elevator. Pros: very popular, met his voice actor while in costume as him the first time I wore it
Cons: very popular, sunglasses suck to see through, cape is very heavy

Paper Mario was born of an idea I'd had for a while and lack of time to prepare a new costume for that year. I made a big printout of him and put it on a stick I carried around.

The generic duelist has become my "lazy Sunday costume". I'd wanted to do Kaiba but again had no time for a new costume, but I'd already bought the Duel Disk and brought it with me anyway. Second most comfortable costume ever, behind Paper Mario.

BLU Spy was so much fun. As usual, I barely got it done in time, but this time I made a larger contribution then I ever have on one of my costumes. I put so much effort into the props for it, especially the Sapper and the folder of pictures of Scout's Mom.

Dr. Salvador kind of came about after I'd already given up on doing a new costume. I was at Fun Services and saw a crummy costume chainsaw, and I joked to ~Kyotaka that I could do Dr. Salvador, since she was doing Rebecca. The idea sort of grew on us, and all it took was a trip to the thrift store, a trip to Toys-R-Us for a chainsaw, a trip to JoAnn for burlap, and some blood-colored paint.

And that's my brief(ish) costume history. I'll be spriting any new costumes I make as I finish them and adding them here., I didn't cosplay Largo from MegaTokyo on Sunday at NDK 2005, because that "costume" sucked too bad to be considered cosplay.
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